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May. 19, 2019

Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Microbiology in the Post Genome Era


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Application Of Genome-based Approaches


Fundamental Microbiology - origin of life, environmental limits of life, evolution and diversification of metabolism, roles in biosphere, basic cellular processes, development of cell-cell communication and multi-cellular structures, morphogenesis, quorum sensing, development of epidemics, molecular mechanisms of pathogenicity, host-pathogen interaction, ecology, and geomicrobiology.

Applied Microbiology - production of fuels and bulk and fine chemicals, bioremediation, development of diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics, detection and prevention of microbial contamination in the food supply.


  • A student-led independent research project in one of the participating laboratories
  • Weekly seminars given by faculty members and external speakers
  • Informal discussion sessions
  • Career sessions on gaining admission to a Ph.D. program and pursuing graduate studies productively
  • Training in cutting edge genomic technologies through lectures and a visit to the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Core Laboratories
  • Visits to companies and laboratories that utilize or study microbiological processes
  • Presentation of poster and seminar at a campus-wide end of summer research (see the calendar for details)

Training in program management: The trainees will help to manage the program through participation on committees.

The program provides

  • A stipend of $5000
  • Travel to and from the site
  • Room and board

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Research Experience For Undergraduates (REU) Microbiology is funded by the National Science Foundation Award Number 1156954.